Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons: High Point members interested in private instruction can utilize the list of instructors on the bulletin board across from the front desk.

Learn to Swim (LTS): This year we are offering a new option for swimmers who turn 3 years old by June 1, 2021. A LTS Hippo is a novice swimmer who typically needs a great deal of attention. We hope to have 3-4 swimmers per session. Depending on what Covid guidelines are in place when we begin the sessions, the swimmer’s ability to follow directions and whether the LTS swimmer can touch the bottom of the pool, a parent or caregiver may be required to enter the pool with the swimmer. A parent or caregiver will be required to stay on deck with their LTS Hippo.

Junior Hippos (JH): Due to anticipated covid distance requirements, we are planning on approximately 6 JH swimmers per session. Junior Hippos are typically under 7 years old, and are reluctant swimmers or swimmers who need more individualized attention. A JH should be able to follow directions and put his/her face in the water but is not yet swimming the length of the pool independently.

The coaches will perform assessments on all swimmers new to the program to determine proper placement (i.e., Junior Hippos, Learn to Swim, or Swim Team). For more details, visit the Hippos website.