HPP Pool Rules

Revised – May 2014

These rules and regulations are for the benefit and protection of all High Point Pool members and their guests. Their purpose is to provide a safe and secure environment as well as to ensure sanitary operation of the pool and related facilities.

  • Pool members and their guests are responsible for their own safety.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s safety
  • All members should know these rules, teach their children the rules and instruct their guests to observe all pool rules.
  • All members, children and guests will obey the pool manager, lifeguards and other pool staff.

The presence of lifeguards in the pool area does not lessen the responsibility of pool members and their guests for their own safety as well as children in their care. Use of the pool constitutes explicit consent and acceptance of the High Point Pool Rules and Regulations.

For these rules, the pool is defined by four areas: the deep end or diving area; the main body of the pool; the shallow end adjacent to the terrace; and the baby pool.


  • Opening Day: Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend
  • Closing Day: Labor Day
  • Pool Hours: Except for special events, High Point Pool closes at 8:45 PM daily.  Members are asked to vacate the deck and bath house no later than 8:55 PM.  An announcement will be made to remind patrons and guests of this rule.  This clarification is being made to ensure that pool management is able to close the pool facility in a timely manner.  The Board appreciates all members’ assistance with regard to the safe and efficient operation of High Point Pool.


2.1 Members– Each member will check-in by name with the desk attendant as he/she enters. Legibly write your first and last name, number of accompanying family members and guests in the book at the front desk.
2.2  Guests– Pool members may bring guests under the following conditions:

  • A High Point Pool member must accompany all guests and provide a guest pass or pay the guest fees.
  • Guest passes cannot be used without a pool member present.
  • No more than four guests at any one time, except when the guests are all members of the same immediate family. If a member wishes to invite a larger number of guests, the member should book an approved party with the pool.
  • The number of guests may be further restricted if the pool manager or assistant manager determines the pool is overcrowded.
  • Parties must be planned in accordance with High Point Pool Party procedures.


3.1    All swimmers must take a shower in the bathhouse before entering the pool.
3.2    No muddy or soiled shoes in the pool area.
3.3    No running, pushing, wrestling or belligerent behavior in or around the pool area.
3.4    No spitting, nose blowing, gum chewing or using foul language.
3.5    Rude behavior and disturbances will not be tolerated.
3.6    No water guns or water cannons are allowed in the pool or pool area.
3.7    Non-breakable face masks and snorkels are ok to use.
3.8    Games & Balls

  • No “tag” or similar games in the shallow area of the pool.
  • Water basketball is allowed in the main area of the pool.
  • Other ball activity is limited to soft footballs, sponge-type balls and other balls appropriate for use in the pool.
  • Ball play on the deck and pool grounds is allowed.

3.9   The swim lane in the main body of the pool is for lap swimming only. If crossing the swim lane, do not interfere with those using the swim lane.
3.10  Tables, chairs and lounge chairs are limited. Do not use chairs to hold personal items (towels, bags, etc.), especially when the pool is busy.
3.11   No sitting on or jumping over fences.
3.12   No standing or climbing on the terrace walls.
3.13   Drive slowly and be alert for pedestrians when driving on pool property. The maximum speed limit is 15 mph.
3.14   No members or guests on pool property before or after normal hours of operation without written permission from the High Point Pool Board. Violators are on the property at their own risk.
3.15   NO SMOKING on the pool property except for the designated area in the parking lot. Ask front desk staff for the designated area.
3.16   No skateboarding on pool property.


4.1  Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult or qualified caregiver.
4.2  No children under the age of 4 in the large pool unless accompanied by a parent or qualified caregiver.
4.3  Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers. “Accidents” will result in closing the pool for an extended period to conform to health rules.
4.4  No non-swimmers in the deep end of the pool.
4.5  No flotation equipment, including life preservers, in the large pool, except as noted:

  • Swim vests and water-wings can be used in the shallow area and main body of the pool if an adult is in the water with the child.
  • Exercise aids, such as kickboards, are ok to use, but cannot be used as toys or to harm or harass pool patrons.
  • No flotation devices in the deep end (including rafts on raft night).

4.6  Lifeguards have the authority to remove a swimmer from any area of the pool if the swimmer lacks the necessary swimming skills.


5.1   Every hour at 45 minutes after the hour is a fifteen minute break period.
5.3   Children may not sit on the edge of the pool and dangle their legs/feet or arms/hands in the pool during the break period.
5.4   Adults may hold a child under the age of 4 in the main body of the pool during break. The adult must hold the child at all times.
5.5   Adults may accompany children under the age of 4 in the shallow end of the pool during break.


The lifeguards’ duties are limited to the large pool. Lifeguards do not supervise the baby pool.

6.1   Parents are responsible for — and must stay with — their children in the baby pool at all times.
6.2  Caregivers of at least 14 years of age are permitted; however, this does not release parents from their responsibility.
6.3  If children are left unattended, parents will be suspended for a period to be determined by the Pool Management in consultation with the HPP Board President or another designated member of the Board.
6.3  Children 6 years and older may accompany their parents in the baby pool seating area – but not the pool itself.
6.4 Unaccompanied children 6 years and older are not allowed in the baby pool seating area.


Note:   The rules for the diving board apply to the water slide except that all users must slide feet first. No sliding head first.
7.1   Dive in a forward direction only, except standard dives which are made while facing the diving board ladder.
7.2   Do not dive until the previous diver has cleared the area below the board.
7.3   No horseplay or running on the diving board.
7.4   No repeated jumping up and down on the end of the diving board or climbing on the rails.
7.5   Only one person is allowed on the slide tower at a time. Do not climb the ladder until the person ahead has gone down the slide.
7.6   Swimmers must stay clear of the diving area.
7.7   Divers must swim immediately out of the diving area or to the nearest ladder and immediately leave the deep end.
7.8   No face masks, goggles and/or glasses when diving.
7.8   Swimming in the diving area will be permitted if no one is using diving board and with the permission of the lifeguard on duty.
7.9   No diving in the shallow end of the pool.
7.10 No backward diving is permitted from the edge of the pool.


8.1   The use of rafts is strictly limited to “raft mornings” or “raft nights” and other special sessions that include rafts.
8.2   No rafts in the deep end. Raft use is limited to the main body and shallow end of the large pool.
8.3   Only small, transparent rafts are allowed.
8.3   No paddles or oars in the pool.
8.4   Special caution should be exercised to maintain a safe environment for all users, especially small children. Lifeguards will exercise their judgment in limiting activity that may be deemed unsafe.


9.1   No glass containers in the pool area. All beverages are limited to plastic or metal containers. Glass bottles should be poured into plastic containers for drinking and immediately returned to a break-proof container for storage.
9.2  Food, drinks and all eating are limited to areas behind the blue line.
9.3  Food and drinks are allowed in the baby pool area, but are limited to the seating areas. Children and adults are not allowed to eat or drink in the baby pool or while playing along the pool’s edge.
9.4  The kitchen, microwave and refrigerator are provided for the convenience of members and their guests. Members and guests are expected to clean-up after themselves including any spills or other accidents.
9.5   Gas Grill

  • Only members who know how to light and use the grill safely should do so.
  • If you do not know how to light or use the grill, find a member who can show you.

9.6   Recycle your plastic bottles, metal and paper products using the bins provided.
9.7   Do not put regular trash in the recycling bins.


10.1   Three blasts of the whistle signal an emergency in the pool.
10.2   Vacate the pool immediately if you hear the emergency whistle. Delays in vacating the pool may endanger individuals in need and impede the emergency response.
10.3   If asked to assist, promptly follow directions.
10.4   No one will be allowed to enter the pool area during an emergency. The desk attendant will close the front gate immediately.
10.5   Do not run, push or scream when clearing the pool.
10.6   Once cleared, stay behind the blue line. Stay quiet and do not panic.
10.7   It is imperative that these rules be followed during an emergency, especially during a rescue.


11.1   The pool manager/assistant manager has the responsibility and authority to require everyone to vacate the premises when weather or other conditions dictate.
11.2   The pool manager/assistant manager will upon detection of lightning or thunder close the pool by sounding the emergency signal of three whistle blasts. They may restrict members and guests to the bathhouse or request they return to their cars.
11.3   In a weather emergency, the pool will remain closed at the discretion of the pool manager/assistant manager while adhering to the following guidelines:

  • UPON HEARING THUNDER and/or SEEING LIGHTNING: Clear deck for at least 30 minutes from the last thunder and/or lightning.


12.1 Only Virginia Pool Services employees and HPP Swim Team employees are authorized to give swim lessons for compensation.
12.2 No lessons outside of standard pool hours.
12.3 Students must be HPP members.
12.4 No lessons allowed in the dedicated swim lane.


13.1   Parents or a responsible caregiver, are specifically responsible for the safety and behavior of their children on the pool property, including compliance with all rules and regulations outlined for High Point Pool Members and their guests.
13.2   All members and their guests must respect the enforcement of the pool rules. Abusive behavior or ignoring lifeguard commands or directions from other pool management personnel will not be tolerated. A failure to obey lifeguard instructions may result in removal from the pool. Abusive behavior may also result in dismissal from the pool property.
13.3   The pool manager or co-manager, lifeguards and other pool management staff have the responsibility and authority to enforce all rules and regulations of High Point Pool.  Members of the High Point Pool Board may also enforce the rules as necessary.
13.4   If the pool manager/assistant manager determines that an individual is repeatedly failing to abide by one or more of these rules and regulations, or if the behavior is endangering the safety of other pool users, this person shall be suspended from further pool activities for the remainder of the day.  If said person is a juvenile, parents will be called at the phone numbers provided by the parents. Parents/Guardians will then be informed of the suspension and the reason for it.