Pool Parties

High Point Pool welcomes parties sponsored by members. The rules below have been adopted by the board to ensure fairness to all members and to assist the management of the pool. The pool staff will make every attempt to comply with these rules so that all members may enjoy the facilities equally.


Monday – Thursday, 11am – 8:45pm: $100
Friday – Sunday, 11am – 8:45pm: $150

Party Rules

Reservations & Scheduling

1. Parties are limited to three hours each and may not extend beyond this period. All non-member party guests must leave the pool at the end of the three-hour period.

2. Only one party may be scheduled at a time.

3. For weekend parties (Friday and Saturday) that extend beyond 6pm, only the Terrace can be reserved.

4. Parties must be scheduled at least one week in advance by an adult member of the pool.

5. Schedule your party using the online form. If you cannot schedule online, email [email protected]. The board has final approval for scheduling.

6. A board member will contact the party sponsor to confirm whether the party has been approved. All approved parties will be listed on the website calendar (with unidentified names).

7. Payment must be made within 72 hours of board approval. Payments shall be made by check only, made out to High Point Pool, and should be given to the front desk staff. If payment is not made, the party reservation will be cancelled.

8. A guest list must be delivered to the front desk no later than 48 hours prior to the party.

9. No parties may be scheduled during special events and holidays (i.e. 4th of July, opening weekend, raft events, etc.) Check the calendar for the private party schedule.


Party Locations

Parties may only be held:

  • on the terrace, or
  • at the blue picnic tables adjacent to the grills.

Terrace parties will include a maximum of five tables and five chairs per table. Parties at the blue picnic tables adjacent to the grill will include four blue picnic tables or two blue picnic tables and two tables with five chairs each. Weekend parties (Friday and Saturday) that extend past 6pm must be on the Terrace.


Grills and Countertops

  1. The grills cannot be reserved for parties.
  2. Grill usage is on a first-come, first-served basis, and remain open to all members.
  3. The granite countertops cannot be reserved. Counter space should be kindly shared by all pool members and their guests.


General Rules

1. A party is required if a member wants to bring more than one family, or 5 or more guests who are not all related on a single occasion.

2. Generally, the maximum party size is 25 guests. Parties over 25 guests are subject to evaluation and approval by the board.

3. The party sponsor must pick up all trash and decor and put it in the proper trash bins and return all furniture to its proper place.

4. Party sponsors are responsible for the safety and welfare of their pool guests. Guests are expected to comply with the rules of the pool, and the manager on duty may halt a party at his/her discretion if the guest behavior is not compatible with the rules.

5. Swim tests will be administered by lifeguards for all non-member children and children the age of 12 and under.

6. Wristbands will note qualification level of swimmer. NO PARENT MAY LEAVE WITHOUT THEIR CHILD PASSING THE SWIM TEST. To pass the swim test, the child must swim one length of the pool without stopping and assistance as well as tread water for one minute.


Children’s Parties

1. For children’s parties, the pool manager will require attendees listen to a review of pool safety rules and etiquette.

2. An attending adult must sign that he/she understands the rules and must remain present at the party.

3. For children under the age of 10, two adults must be present for every 10 children.