Membership FAQs

Where do I login to my account?

Who qualifies for an August Membership?

The August Membership is only offered on years when it is approved by the board and the amount of offers made depends on the current membership levels. Once approved for the current year, the August Memberships are offered to the top of the waitlist and the offers continue down until we get to the approved number. It is not available to full members.

How do I reset my password?

There is a link under the login box at but if you don’t get the email or need to change your email, please email [email protected].

Can we sell or give away our membership?

This is not a practice that is allowed at High Point Pool. You can not sell your membership. Your membership does not transfer with your home in a sale and it does not extend to renters of your home.

Do I need to pay for my infant child?

No. However, please add your child to your profile. All children over the age of 1 as of opening day (Saturday of Memorial Day weekend) should be included in your membership.

Are there different rules for the “Childcare Provider”?

People designated as “Childcare Providers” in your membership may come to the pool on their own, without children. However, they may not reserve party locations and they are not allowed to bring guests.

Where do I send my check?

Make Checks Payable to: High Point Pool, INC
Mail to:
Post Office Box 479
Falls Church, VA 22040-0479