Guests Information

Pool members may bring guests under the following conditions:

  • A High Point Pool member must accompany all guests and provide a guest pass or pay the guest fees.
  • Guest passes cannot be used without a pool member present.
  • All guests must pay regardless of whether or not they use the pool.
  • No more than four guests at any one time, except when the guests are all members of the same immediate family.┬áIf a member wishes to invite a larger number of guests, the member should book an approved party with the pool.
  • The number of guests may be further restricted if the pool manager or assistant manager determines the pool is overcrowded.
  • Parties must be planned in accordance with High Point Pool Party procedures.

Guest Fees
$5.00 per person

House Guest/Childcare Provider Pass
Only for summer house guests living with the member family and/or full-time child care providers qualify for this designation. The pass is $50 per “Child Care Provider”