Admissions and Dues

Membership by-laws state that each General Membership shall be based on a single household. See Membership for details.


  • Each person entering the pool must be checked in as a member or signed in as a guest.
  • Members and guests must enter through the front desk.
  • Members provide their last names to front desk to check in.
  • Memberships  are not transferable.
  • Summer house guests and childcare providers can NOT be included as “Family Members” in membership

Abuse of membership or childcare provider/house guest privileges can result in loss of membership for the remainder of season.

Membership Dues

Initial Membership Fee
There is a new member fee of $800.

Family Membership
Dues are currently calculated on family size. A one-person, individual membership is $820. A two-person membership starts at $865 and goes up $25 for each additional family member.
1 – $820
2 – $865
3 – $890
4 – $915
5 – $940
6 – $965

Senior Membership
Senior Citizen Household Membership fees are $300 for one person and $600 for two people. All members of household must be at least 62 years of age to qualify.

August Membership
The August Membership was designed for people on the wait list to enjoy High Point Pool when pool attendance is generally lower. The August Membership allows a family to use the pool at High Point from August 1st until August 31. It is generally granted to the top of the waitlist and the offers continue down until we are full.

House Guest/Childcare Provider Pass
Only for summer house guests living with the member family and/or full-time child care providers qualify for this designation. The pass is $50 per “Child Care Provider”