General Membership Information

General Membership at High Point Pool must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors or as delegated to the Membership Director. Each membership shall be based on a household residing at a single address. A “household” for purposes of a High Point membership, is defined as a family of two or more related persons or as an individual. Members of a household who are entitled to use the membership include spouses, parents, children, grandchildren, and other relatives who are living year round at the address, and children who are full time students who are dependent upon the member for support and who reside at the address between school terms.

The General Membership is owned by the member(s) of record who are the the original, adult purchasers of the membership. Each eligible member of the household is issued a membership card. When family structures exist which are not covered above, one of the members of record may submit a written request via email to the Membership Director for additional membership cards. This covers singles, divorced persons, etc.

Annual Membership Renewal
General Members approve annual dues and related fees by approving changes at the annual general membership meeting held in or around March. Soon after this meeting, each General Member will be sent a Membership Renewal notice by email and can renew their annual membership in the online Member Portal.

Important Membership Renewal Dates (approximate)
March – Renewals occur within a week after the March Membership Meeting.
April 15 – Last day to pay before late fee is added.
May 1 – Offers sent to waitlist based on renewal trend.
Opening Day
June – Invitation sent to the waitlist for August Members.
September – All unpaid members are removed from the membership.
November – Offers sent to Waitlist based on common attrition rates.

New Memberships
New High Point Pool memberships are offered to the public via a waitlist. See the Membership Waitlist page for more info.

August Membership
The August Membership is only granted to the top of the waitlist and the offers continue down until we get full. It is not available to full members. The August Pass is not available every year as it depends on the current yearly membership size. This membership is only valid from August 1 until August 31. The August membership does not have full membership benefits. You may not bring guests or reserve locations for parties. Accepting or rejecting this offer has no bearing on your place on the waitlist.

Please email if you would like to close your membership.

Special Situations

New Membership via “Family Transfer”
Membership cannot be inherited. When both the primary and secondary members on the membership are gone, the membership is generally considered to be closed. However, a family transfer may be granted at the discretion of the Board of Directors. This is a policy that permits priority status on the wait list under special circumstances. This policy does not constitute a contract and the “family transfer” does not convey any financial discount to the recipient. Also, the Board reserves the right to require that an applicant requesting a transfer provide reasonable evidence of the family affiliation.

In the event of a divorce or separation of an HPP family, the membership is handled on an exception basis. The membership director should be notified of the change in marital status. Generally, HPP cards will continue to be issued to both parents, if desired, even if they are not living in the same house. If two separate families are created and both desire a HPP family membership, then the parent not living at the household address must apply for a separate membership. The second membership will be eligible for priority status on the waiting list and all application and new membership fees will apply.

The current Membership Director can be reached at [email protected]