COVID-19 Phased Re-opening Procedures

Last Updated: July 26, 2020

HPP Pool Phase 3 Specific Procedures
Procedures are subject to change based upon guidance from Fairfax County (including the Fairfax County  Health Department), the Commonwealth of Virginia (VA), applicable federal authorities and HPP’s insurance provider.

COVID-19 Warning

  • Coronavirus causes the disease COVID-19.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 may cause mild to several symptoms, including death. 
  • The virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to spread mainly from person to person, mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Spread is more likely when people are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).
  • Many resources are available to understand Coronavirus and COVID-19, including information provided by the CDCVirginia Department of Health, and Fairfax County Health Department.
  • We encourage all members to understand the risk related to COVID-19.

Phase 3 Procedures

Recreational/Free Swim: Under Phase 3, pools are open for recreational or free swim.  Please maintain ten feet of social distancing between members who are not members of your family. 

Lap Swimming: Lanes 5 & 6 will remain available to lap swimmers under the same rules applied to Phase 2 which means there will be a limit of two people per lane.  Please do not stop to rest at the same side of the pool.  If you have a lap swim only reservation, please place your belongings on the benches or other place, do not occupy a table.

Baby pool:  The baby pool will be available to one family under a reservation system. 

Social Distancing: Social or physical distancing is important to keeping you and all members healthy. Please keep a distance of 10 feet apart from all individuals at the pool.  When entering or exiting, please keep ten feet apart and wear a face covering.  We have arranged the deck furniture so as to allow 10 feet of social distancing between families.  Please do not rearrange the deck furniture. 

PPE/Face Coverings: Members must provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face coverings, gloves, etc. Members must wear a face covering when entering or exiting HPP, when in the bathroom, or anytime a physical distance of 10 feet cannot be maintained.  PPE is not to been worn while in the the water. Face coverings must fully cover nose and mouth. These may be fabric face coverings, surgical masks, N95 masks, etc. 

Health Screening Questionnaire:  All who enter the pool complex must present a filled out health questionnaire when entering HPP.  Please fill this out at home so that we can reduce shared common surfaces like pens or pencils.

No Guests:  Guests will not be admitted.

Slide is Closed: The slide remains closed under Phase 3.

Kitchen is Closed: To reduce shared surfaces, the kitchen will be closed.

Food/Grilling Permitted:  Food/Drink is permitted on deck.  The grills will be available; however, grillers must wear face coverings in the grill area and no more than two grillers may be in the grill area at any time.  Grilling utensils will NOT be provided and the kitchen will be closed so you must bring all grilling equipment.

Equipment/Kickboards: HPP will not have any kickboards or other swimming equipment available for usage. You are welcome to bring your own equipment. 

Shower at Home: HPP requests that every member shower at home before coming to the pool and be ready to enter the water immediately after entrance wearing his/her swimsuit and with all necessary equipment.

Entering: Members must wear a face covering when entering the pool complex. Members must wait in their cars or in designated area until their reserved time.  There are cones designating where to stand at an appropriate social distance at the front gate. Avoid touching any railing, fences, tables, barriers, etc.  Maintain appropriate social distancing from other swimmers when entering, exiting, and/or taking a break.

Check-In Process:  Staff will scan membership card and receive the Health Screening questionnaire.  Only one questionnaire is needed per family. Only after a successful check-in will a member be allowed to enter the pool area.

Lap Lane Usage: Lanes 5 & 6 will be available for lap swimming.  

Exiting: Members must wear a face covering when leaving the pool. Members must leave the pool area through the black emergency gate immediately wearing their swimsuit and with all their equipment at the conclusion of their timeslot. Any items left will immediately be discarded.

Revocation of Membership: The management has the right to ask anyone to leave the grounds. Any members not following the limitations listed above may lose their member privileges in accordance with the Bylaws.

Reservations: Reservations are available in 1hr 45 min blocks off time.  We will be open our normal pool hours, 11am-9pm.  Reservations are available on a per-family basis.  

General swim reservations: You may make 1 general swim reservation, which allows your entire family to enter.  We anticipate that we have enough capacity such that our member families will be able to swim frequently.  However, in order to ensure that all members have equal access, and to reduce the administrative burden on our volunteer board, you may only make one general swim reservation at a time.  After you have used your reservation, you may make another reservation.  Additionally, you may always make unlimited same day reservations.  If you have a second reservation, immediately following your first reservation, you may remain on the deck but must stay at your table and not be in the water so as to allow the guards time and space to clean the vacated tables and chairs.  A second reservation for the same day can only be made that day, and is preferably made from the pool deck via your phone when you know that you want to stay for a longer amount of time.  Our reservation system will work best if all members honor the 1 reservation per family system and wait to make their reservations until they are fairly certain of their plans.

Lap swim reservations: We will continue to reserve lap swimming reservations in 1 hour blocks of time.  Reservations for lap swimming are made in the same way as they were in Phase 1.  Each member may hold one lap swimming reservation at a time.  A lap swim reservation gives you access to the lap lanes.  If you wish to sit on the deck and also swim laps, you should make a simultaneous general swim reservation.  If you have made a lap swim only reservation, you should not occupy a table, or remain on the deck after you are done swimming.  We hope that this system will allow lap swimmers to continue to have easy access to the pool, without unnecessarily reducing the number of spaces available for general swimming.  If we find that we are not filling the lap swimming slots, we may pull the 2nd lane and revert to our traditional 1 lap swimming lane. 

Baby pool reservations: One family at a time may reserve the baby pool.  Please do not enter the baby pool if you do not have a baby pool reservation.  Families holding a baby pool reservation should only utilize the tables within the baby pool enclosure, but are welcome to access other portions of the pool.  

 On any given day, if there are vacant slots available that day, you may reserve any empty slots for that day, despite holding additional reservations.  If you reserve a slot, and are not going to be able to use it, please cancel the reservation as soon as feasible so that someone else may take your place.  If you fail to cancel a reservation at least 3 hours prior to the time slot, your ability to make reservations will be revoked for 3 days.  Cancelling a reservation is a basic courtesy towards your fellow members. 
In order to sign up for a swim slot, log into esoft in the same way you log in to pay for your membership. You will be prompted to sign an updated membership agreement that includes the waiver referenced above.  When you log into esoft, you will see a button in the top middle of the screen that says “sign up for camp/class” click that button and it will take you to the swimming reservation page.   You will then see open classes, which are swim times. Select the time you want, and select a  member of your family and add them to your cart.  If you are doing a lap lane reservation you will need to add all family members who are swimming individually.  The other types of reservations only need one member name.  You then view your cart and confirm that you have reserved the right times, and continue to checkout. If you have trouble with the esoft system, and want to make a reservation, you may email (preferred) or call (disfavored) Sara at, or 571-344-2113.  If you opt to use the email/call method- please include a range of times that would work for you.   Making a reservation in esoft is a much faster way to get the times you want, with a higher probability of success.  Do not call the front desk and ask them to make a reservation for you.  They do not have the ability to do this.

Please keep in mind that the procedures are written by the Board to comply with legal requirements.  We understand the new rules are cumbersome; however, they are mandatory.  Please do not question a lifeguard about these rules.  If you have a question or concern about the procedures, please contact a Board member.